What Should I Expect When I Visit?

What is the Message like?
Our Pastor’s Message is always from the Bible. He digs into the Scriptures and opens up God’s timeless truth so we can apply the Lord’s principles to our lives today. In doing so, we are both encouraged and challenged to continually grow as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. Go to the “Sermon” page on our website for a video example of one of our Pastor’s sermons.

What kind of songs will we sing?
We have a blended worship, which means we sing both contemporary songs and traditional hymns.  God loves music. He invented music! Each Sunday our goal is to honor God through music that praises Him and expresses our love and devotion for Him.

What should I wear?
Some who attend our Sunday services will wear their “Sunday best” while others dress more casually. We have no dress code. You are free to wear whatever you believe is comfortable and appropriate for a worship gathering.  

Is there a collection plate?
There is, but our guests are not expected to participate in giving to the offering unless they chose to do so. We consider giving to be a privilege for those who have decided to make Whitewater Baptist their church home.

What if I don’t know what to do during the service?
Guests who attend our services will not be asked to do or say anything in the service. You will not be embarrassed or made to feel uncomfortable in any way. Nothing will be done or said to draw attention to you. Of course, before and after the service you will be personally greeted by the friendly members of our church family! Our desire is to make you feel welcome and at home.

What can I expect for my children?
Each Sunday morning a nursery is provided for infants and toddlers. Our nursery is manned by veteran members of our church who have gone through thorough background checks and have been trained in child protection and procedures. Our nursery is a clean, bright and happy place. Children in our nursery are loved, well taken care of and they are taught about the love of God. Adults and older children worship together. Two times a month, on the first and third Sunday mornings, we do have “Children’s Church.” On these Sundays after the Offertory Prayer children are invited to follow our adult leaders to our fellowship hall for a special time of worship designed just for children.

Where should I park?
Our church has a spacious parking area and you are invited to park wherever you would like.

Are you affiliated with a denomination?
We are affiliated nationally with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), regionally with the Georgia Baptist Convention (GBC), and locally with the Friendship Baptist Association.

What do you believe?                                                                                     
The best way to learn about our core beliefs is to click on the “Beliefs” tab on our website.

How can I become a member of Whitewater Baptist Church?
We believe that membership in a local church is biblical, important and vital to the growing Christian life. Our Pastor would love to talk with you about your faith and commitment to Christ and church membership.